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Satin Auto wrap

Who We Are ?

Satin Auto Wrap Company was established in Canada in 2022. This team has 5 years of experience in Turkey.

Satin auto wrap offers a variety of products and services such as: Professional Window Tinting, Invisible Paint Protection, Vehicle Color Change Wraps, Vehicle Advertising Wraps & Lettering, Ceramic Coating, Digital Prints and more.

We only used the best

We only install brands with the highest quality products and warranties, with that being said, we only carry and install 3M, Avery Dennision, Oracal and Inozetek.


About wrap

You can always paint, however, even if you can argue that the new paint job is better than the original, it can greatly depreciate your vehicles value. Vehicle wraps on the other hand, allow you to change the colour of your car to any shade imaginable, while protecting your paint!

Vehicle wraps for your car has a number of other indirect benefits as well. The wrap is thin but it does offer some protection against rock chips and scratches. It is not the same level of protection of Paint Protection Film (PPF), but it does offer some of the same benefits.

Fleet Wraps

  • Fleet Wraps are available for business, brands or corporations which have multiple vehicles on the road. Let your brand be known with a wrap that says it all.


Floor Wraps

  • Floor graphics are a perfect way to catch the attention of customers. We only use slip resistant and anti slip material with removable adhesive.

Wall Wraps

  • Many removable adhesives have a  tendency to form strong bonds over time, but the wall film that we use adheres the same way every time without damaging the underlying surface when it is removed. Approved for Public Spaces Our wall film has several fire ratings, making it ideal for use on most indoor surfaces in public areas that require compliance with strict fire regulations, such as retail stores, airports, hotels and hospitals. The removable vinyl provides fire resistant graphics for curved, textured or angled surfaces where public safety is a priority.

Frosted Window Vinyl

  • Etched glass decals offer a cost-effective way to add some style and elegance to any smooth surface without damaging the original finish. If permanent window frosting isn’t part of your budget or lease, window etching decals are a long-lasting solution that can be removed at any time. Frosted glass film can be custom-cut to any shape or logo and will add flare and style to any glass partition. Etched glass decals will allow for light to pass through while maintaining privacy in your office, storefront, or conference room. Apply them to outward-facing windows so they can be seen by passers-by, or use them on indoor glass panels to divide space and decorate

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