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Ceramic coating

We don’t just work with cars ?
we are PASSIONATE about them.

We strive to provide the correct treatment and efficient service for your vehicle.
We are passionate about providing the correct treatments and services for your vehicle at the right time.
We always use 1 new cleaning set for each car, we do not use the same several times
Our new car for Detailing typically takes 8-12 hours ( not 30 minutes )

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Do you know what Car Detailing mean?

From design to install, we've got you covered every step of the way.



The process of removing bonded contaminants e.g. tar, tree sap, industrial fallout and also existing polish and waxes from the vehicles paint which a normal wash fails to do.
This lengthy and thorough process restores your car’s glossy,
smooth surface and prepares your vehicle for the paint correction, cleansing and waxing.


Paint Correction

The removal of scratches, bird stains, water marks, swirl marks, machine buffer marks, holograms, cob-webbing and micro-marring using a rotary polisher. It will also restore old, faded paintwork back to its true colour e.g. when red paint turns pink. This labour intensive process requires a trained eye for paintwork detail and is the only way of achieving a glass finish to your vehicle short of a complete re-spray, which is not only expensive, but could even affect its originality and resale value.


Paint Protection

This stage will enhance and protect your vehicle’s paintwork in the long term, giving it a luxuriously deep shine using top quality Fireball paint sealants or Gtechniq Ceramic Coating. The sealant chemically bonds to become the new surface layer of your vehicle, giving unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellence, swirl resistance and making it easier to keep clean. This stage is particularly effective during the winter months when your vehicle is exposed to the harsh elements such as ice, snow and road salt.

Wax is dead

Nano Ceramic Coating is the next generation in paint protection systems. Experience this new technology that’s designed to form a crystal layer which will make conventional car waxes and sealants obsolete. Its high strength and condensed nanoparticles with superior cross linking abilities create a durable and super high gloss finish.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Professional grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. …
Ceramic Coating, in reality, is an alternative to waxing. The main idea is to prevent dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on your paintwork and ruining the clear coat.

New Car Ceramic Coating

Realization Time: 1 Day

Wash and Preparation Only

Paintwork deep cleansed and if required clayed followed by a single stage machine polish using an ultra fine gloss enhancing polish. Paintwork wiped down using Gtechniq Panel Wipe to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.
Include Ceramic coating

3-5 years durability

RK Level 1 Ceramic Coating

Realization Time: 1-2 Days

1 stage machine polishing to remove 70-80% of swirl and defect.

This service is the first of our Paint Correction Details After a full safe wash & decontamination, the vehicle is blow dried, any sensitive areas masked off and paint depth readings are taken to determine the level of correction possible. The paint is then machine polished 1 Step with a suitable polishing compound
Include Ceramic coating

3-5 years durability

RK Level 2 Ceramic Coating

Realization Time: 2-3 Days

2 step machine polishing remove 80-90% swirl and defects.

The vehicle is prepared in exactly the same way as per the Level 1 Paint Correction. However, with an added machine polishing compounding stage this service is designed to remove even further blemishes than the Level 1. This may also involve additional polishing stages to refine and enhance the paint to the highest possible standard. Additionally, the alloys are cleaned and the glass is polished outside
Include Ceramic coating

3-5 years durability

Shelby Ceramic Coating

Glass-hard yet flexible long-term paint protection with extreme resistance to weathering effects (UV radiation, acid rain),
but also to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar and road and industrial pollution.
The surface becomes extremely water-repellent (hydrophobic), has a dirt-repellent effect and has an easy-to-clean effect.
Provides intensive color refreshment and color depth.
Service life of up to 36 months with annual service by an authorized Shelby partner.

Shelby Ceramic Coating - SATIN AUTO WRAP.png

GtechniQ Ceramic Coating

GTechniq Crystal Serum Light lays down a rock hard, ultra-high gloss layer that is only enhanced when topped with GTechniq EXO.
GTechniq EXO and CSL together offers superb water and dirt resistance when used together. Achieve an incredible amount of paint protection with this winning combination.
GTechniq EXOv4 is a paint coating that protects virtually any surface from dirt, sun exposure, and moisture permanently. Durability tests prove that after 600 washes, water still beads on surfaces treated with EXO. Hybrid coating technology gives automobiles, aircraft, boats, and recreational vehicles unbeatable protection from the elements.

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3 Years warranty

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