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Stand out on the road advertise your brand wherever you go!


High numbers of car enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl film instead of repainting it, for multiple reasons. What vinyl film wrapping realty means is:
• Giving your car a new life.
• Protection of the original car paint from any physical damage.
• Top service: modern materials and latest installation technologies cause no damage to the paint during the installation process of a vinyl wrap on a vehicle or during its removal.

In addition to a wide range of colors, film makers also offer a variety of finishes from: glossy, matt, rough, sparkling, chrome-plated. Our vinyl wrap will give your car a unique and catchy look, while our experienced installers will perfectly match the vinyl film wrap to the exact specifics of your car , meeting your personal needs and preferences.

AW Collection

Color Change 

Passenger Vehicle Wraps & Decals

As a marketing tool, vehicle graphics and vehicle liveries offer unrivalled value. Both are excellent choices for cost-effective and high impact advertising of your business.

Branding a commercial vehicle can be done in several ways using vinyl application. For a simple low budget option that is straight to the point, cut graphics and lettering are an excellent option for getting your name out into the public eye. Vehicle graphics range from these simple graphics, up to entirely digitally printed wraps and everything in between. If you have a budget, our design team are experts in maximising the coverage and impact of your wrap or graphics.

Vehicle wraps remain the best option for branding your fleet. Not only can we produce a one-of-a-kind and bespoke design that can be replicated across an infinite number of vehicles; but when its time to refresh your fleet, this is simply removed. Once this is removed, your vehicle is left with fresh, original paintwork, with a higher resale value and no additional re-painting costs.



We use the best materials in the industry, our installers and artists will definitely help you to choose the material and ideas for your auto and budget.

Windows TINT

Did you know that there are six different types of window tints available?


From basic dyed tinting film to advanced ceramic tint, car owners in North America have multiple ways to protect the interior of their valued rides. Within the different types or materials that make-up tints are multiple shades or darkness.

Also, there are different locations you can install them including side windows, rear window, and auto tinting in limited areas for front windshield tint. Even further, there are a range of installation options – from professional auto salons to DIY window tint film.

Regardless of which type of tint film you select, they all serve a similar purpose – blocking harmful UV rays or IR (which is infrared that causes heating inside the cabin.) The film itself is an ultra-thin substance that has an adhesive bonding that is activated with soapy water or a special lubricant spray.

There are some window tints for cars that made for aesthetic improvements, providing a darker appearance on the rear windows, driver and passenger front windows, and even a stripe on top of the front windshield – in some Canadian Providences.

Why Install Window Tint on Your Car?

Most car owners choose to install tinted car windows direct from the dealership or through professional auto salons. There are several reasons why they’d install tinting including:

Provide protection against UV exposure: The sun is a life giver and life taker. While it provides the important heat and light our world needs to function and grow life, it causes havoc on car parts – especially those on the interior.

As UV rays hit bare windows, the ultra-violet radiation is amplified or focused, causing it to impact the surface areas of dashboards, seats, and other materials inside the cabin. Eventually, these materials will begin to crack or fade due to the continual bombardment of UV. Applying a automotive window film with UV protective properties can extend the lifespan of all interior components.

Reduce cabin temperature: The other emission from sunlight that causes problems for car owner is IR or infrared radiation. This is the light bandwidth that causes an increase of heat while a vehicle sits outside. Applying an IR blocking window tint can keep the inside of your car cooler – meaning you won’t open the doors into a sauna, use less air conditioning, which can improve fuel economy and reduce vehicle emissions.

Improve visual appeal: There is something about dark tinted windows that amplifies the overall look of any car. This is the third reason why many car owners will have a professional auto salon near them apply the darker windows tint as possible.

One thing that should be clarified is that there are limits and tint laws across the USA and Canada that restrict the darker tint applied to specific windows. You can and should review this detailed list of tinting laws per state and providence prior to making any decisions to have darkened windows on your vehicle.


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a clear coat which includes a liquid polymer. When ceramic coating is applied on a car's body, the polymer forms a chemical bonding with the factory paint. Once coated, it can only be removed by abrasion and not by any chemicals.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

  • Extremely Durable: Helps prevent scratching and marring of paint

  • Low Maintenance: Never Wax Again

  • Hydrophobic: Repels and Sheds Dirt & Debris Easily

  • Chemically Resistant: Gasoline, Acetone, Harsh Cleaners, etc.

  • Acid Resistant: Bird Droppings and Bug Guts won’t etch into clear coat

  • UV Protection: Prevents Fading and Oxidizing of paints and plastics

  • Deep Gloss – BETTER THAN NEW! And it resists aging!

  • 100x Thicker than Wax/Sealants

  • Higher Resale Value. Even shows up on CarFax!

Print Shop

Are you looking to create environmental graphics to visually enhance your office space, school, gym, retail space, museum or restaurant? Environmental graphics, also known as supergraphics, can convey the tone and professionalism of your company branding in a powerful way.

With Hale Print, we can help you create high-quality graphics and signs that make a lasting impression.

Floor Wraps

Floor graphics, or floor stickers, are large vinyl decals that can be placed on almost any floor surface in a store, business or convention center. Many businesses utilize these floor decals to advertise their business, a specific product or direct traffic within their store. Custom floor graphics are a cost-effective way to advertise products and services within businesses such as auto dealerships, grocery stores, hardware stores and shopping malls.

Wall Wraps & Murals

Wall murals, or wall wraps, are commonly used to fill blank wall space with visual displays or advertisements. Wall mural wraps and decals can transform any home, office or retail space. They can provide some much needed color and contrast to otherwise boring walls. They can also be strategically lit for a stunning visual effect with added function. Get creative, have some fun...because there really is no limit to what a mural wrap can do for your space!

Frosted Window Graphics

Frosted window graphics adds privacy and a sleek look to your space. They can be applied to either side of the glass and can be custom printed. We offer a wide variety of patterns or we can create a one-of-a-kind design.


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